Forty Stories of Japan

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A colleague at the school we taught at in Tokyo said that everyone has a good story to tell, possibly very true for travellers to the Far East. Recalling this we decided to ask friends there if they would like to write about an experience in Japan. The contributions were sufficient to start work on this book. It will be published in March, 2010, a compilation of forty stories by people from other countries who live or have lived in Japan.

The basic idea in producing this kind of book was to give a chance to people to tell their Japan experience in well-crafted story form, a tale that deserves to be recounted but perhaps wouldn’t otherwise find its way into print. With tongue in cheek we gave the book the working title of Tales of Gaijin (playing on the classic work of Japanese literature, Tale of Genji).

It will fascinate anyone interested in how people from foreign lands view Japan and what their unique experiences were. It is hoped that Japanese people will read these stories and reflect on the images and opinions of people who have a deep connection with Japan.

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Sample stories from Forty Stories of Japan:

Cliff Harrington: My Tokyo Interviews (PDF, 94KB)