Masuho Fujita

Masuho Fujita provided the impetus for the first book and the formation of Fine Line Press. In her English communication class in Tokyo she wrote many interesting essays on a variety of topics, especially recalling her early years in Tokyo in the 1920s and '30s. These essays provided the basis for further writing. Thus the poetical prose tales in Glimpses of Old Tokyo came into being. These include festivals, family, a bathhouse, food, street sounds, shops, kimono making, and dragonflies.

Here is a short extract from A Place in Our Hearts, in which Masuho and friend revisit some old haunts from when they were at school together:

"After wandering around for an hour in the dim evening light we gave up on any chance of finding the dear old places we once knew so well. On the walk back to the Japan Rail station I told my friend, 'I think the happy memories of our childhood will live on in our hearts. We'll never forget them, will we?''"

Masuho has many memories and she has recalled them in Glimpses of Old Tokyo with love and clarity. For readers wanting to know something special and personal about festivals, family and food in pre-war Tokyo, Masuho’s writings will provide a delicious entrée.