A wine book for Christmas: TO WINE  by Graham Bathgate
A tribute to wine full of original stories, interviews, photos etc to bring cheer to this strange year. Available now!

American Celebrity Interviewer in Tokyo
by Allan Murphy & Graham Bathgate

Poetry A Centenarian Remembers Graham Bathgate with Thelma McLean
Imperfect Strangers by Lea O'Harra
A Walk in Japan by Bernhard Kellermann
Whisper of the Land by Edward Levinson

Downunder Japan, Collection  (paperback) | (ebook)
Japan on Foot by Mary King
Ribbons of Fate by Matt Comeskey
Forty Stories of Japan, Collection
Glimpses of Old Tokyo by Masuho Fujita
A Snake in the Shrine (University of Otago Press) by David Geraghty

How not to sell a house? Watch Graham not really helping real estate agent Peter … Bye Buy Our Home
Tartan Daffodils! Wordsworth turning in his grave? It’s possible he would have appreciated this Scots version
Publisher Graham Bathgate's Pechakucha presentation on Poetry a Centenarian Remembers
Graham's presentation at Japan Writers’ Conference, Tokyo, 8-9 Oct. 2017
September, 2019: CLIFF HARRINGTON – A MEMOIR    |   Excerpt: "I have shaken the hand of Moses, Michelangelo and Ben Hur."
In development: MUSIC BEHIND BARS  (Working title)  |  A fascinating account of life in prison... Stay tuned!

About Us

Welcome to the online home of Fine Line Press, New Zealand. Here you can learn about FLP’s recent books: A Walk in Japan
(2015) and Whisper of the Land (2014). For your delight and edification earlier books were Downunder Japan (March 2012), Japan on Foot (Dec. 2011) and Ribbons of Fate (Dec. 2010). Our first books were Glimpses of Old Tokyo and Forty Stories of Japan. There is also Exercises for Glimpses of Old Tokyo for students of English. Further down the line will be the memoir of a celebrity interviewer in Tokyo and a detective novel, Imperfect Strangers, by Lea O'Harra.

The wish and intention of FineLine Press is to produce books of quality mostly by new writers. To begin with the focus is on Japan, where the writer of Glimpses of Old Tokyo lives. FineLine Press is interested in writers who feel that they can write, especially about their own real experiences, in an alluring, lyrical and delightful way.

FineLine Press originated out of our good fortune to work on the memories of a Japanese writer, Masuho Fujita. The production of Glimpses of Old Tokyo took several years working with the writer, the artist, an independent editor and others. It seemed logical and desirable after so much work to create a personal outlet for Masuho's book.

Please click here to find out more about Fine Line Press and its founder Graham Bathgate.


Cliff Harrington – A Memoir by Allan Murphy & Graham Bathgate

A Fine Line publication in the medium term will be Cliff Harrington – A Memoir, written by Allan Murphy & Graham Bathgate.
Please click on the following links to preview this publication:  Cliff Harrington – A Memoir   |   My Tokyo Stories

Downunder Japan  Japan on Foot by Mary King, published by Fineline Press  Whispers of the Land by Edward Levinson  A Walk in Japan
 Present Perfect - practical help with your presentations  Forty Stories of Japan  Ribbons of Fate