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Latest Productions:

True Travel Tales” by many writers.

Sea Currooze” by Billy Jones, a Scottish version of Frankie Ford’s hit.

Little Sister” by Graham Bathgate, a spoken version in. By same: “Scottishisms”, a bunch o’ sayin’s in broad Scots. (Find in “Video&Audio”.)

About Fine Line Press

Fine Line Press (FLP) was established in 2009 by Graham Bathgate in Kapiti, New Zealand. Now based in Kerikeri, Northland, NZ, we are a small publisher specialising in books on Japan, branching out to writings of many talented NZ and Australian authors, and even managing to publish some of my own stuff.

The wish and intention of Fine Line Press is to produce books of quality mostly by new writers with fine stories to tell about their lives.

Please browse our bookshelf of over 20 varied titles, each with its own personal charm and appeal.

Find out more about Fine Line Press here, and visit our pages for media, video and audio links as well as to find out about each of our titles and contributing authors.

Award, July, 2022

To Wine” was a Finalist in the Indie Book Awards, 2022/2023  www.IndieBookAwards.com

“CatSpeak” Award, Sept., 2023: Finalist in the Indie Book Awards category: 


WINNER ($100):  Let Me, by Tricia Sybersma, Illustrated by Rachel Rossano (Tricia Sybersma)


  • A Field Guide to Sheaffer’s Pencils, by Jonathan A. Veley (Self-Published)
  • CatSpeak, by Graham Bathgate, Edited by Graham Bathgate (Fine Line Press)