• Book Excellence Award Finalist (March, 2024) in Animals/Pets Category

Thousands of entries from around the world and CatSpeak was selected for its high-quality writing, design and market appeal.

“I haven’t read anything so clever, so witty, so thoughtful or such fun in a long time, if ever … I heartily recommend it, especially if you can get it on site here for under $30.00 – it’s a 40-dollar book!”   Cath Pawmer, The Pampered Pet Times.

From the Back Cover:

This is a book of fun for everyone, for children to laugh at the odd things the cats say, for them to spot the spelling errors, for adults to enjoy the philosophising and literary allusions, and for everyone to be reminded of some great songs. It’s simply a great oppurrtunity for relaxing and pleasuring … not unlike cats do! Will purrobably make a purrfect gift, too.

Meet Monty, blind from birth but very wise and seeing; Hoppy, because he has only three legs; Lucy, a rescue cat who lived to a fine old age; Yogi, who joined us age 15 and was with us for a good few more years. Then there’s Snowy, another rescue cat; Boy and his rescue family, Grey and Snow who were feral and became domestic, and there are many wonderful Guest Cats gracing the pages of this book.

From: It Wasn’t Me!
Don’t look at me like that, it was like this when I arrived, honest! There’s really no need for you to be so blamingly one-eyed about it. I can do that all by myself. Anyway, I couldn’t have done all this work with my one-front-leg condition, couldn’t have done it at one sitting or lying. Actually, you know, I’m a bit of a believer in a little labour, unlike many cats who just lounge about and sleep most of the day. I think some work can be good exercise, adding to the happiness of life, helping to live to a ripe old age.

From: Boy – Fan of Japan!
I would love to visit Nihon some day … possibly that’s some day never! I really envy my feline friend, Jinja in this book because he was born in Tokyo, rescued from steamy summer streets. What he must have seen and experienced in his long life in Japan I can only guess and wonder at. This will do me though, a few Japanese mementoes.