Downunder Japan: 26 Stories on Japan

Downunder Japan: 26 Stories on Japan

Downunder JapanJapan is about as different from Australasia as it is possible to be. Australians and New Zealanders are known and liked for their openness, earthy humour, irreverence, blossoming independence, mateship, egalitarianism, their passion for sport and a blokey, easy-going informality often over a drink or two. Indeed, we tend to celebrate mavericks and larrikins … Japan’s culture, on the other hand, is ancient, traditional and beautiful, intricately coded; its< citizens are taught to respect authority and show deep loyalty to family, friends and various< life-long groups. There are subtle unfoldings of understanding amid silence; reserve and formality are second nature.

Opposites attract, and this collection of stories by mainly antipodean writers captures the sparks that can fly when West meets East. Tales like Mr K, Nadya, The Invitation, Mr Chizuwa,< Tears of Loss and Joy, After the Tsunami, Distance, Japan on a G-String reveal what an elegant, subtle and eccentric country Japan is. Taking time to browse you will find more fine stories in Downunder Japan


Downunder Japan, Collection
ISBN: 978-0-473-20921-6
Published 2012
Paperback, stitched binding.
Original black/white artwork
Size: 21 cms high by 15.5 cms wide
Pages: 196


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