Reducing Buying Plastic Stuff

Plastic! Dealing with it by stopping buying stuff in plastic.  (On Facebook, June 3,2021)
I imagine there’s as much plastic stuff and wrapping where you shop, a good deal more in the likes of Japan. About 18 months ago, I decided the only way I could do anything about the sea of plastic washing into our home and my having to deal with it as rubbish, was to turn the tide and not let it in. So I gave up triple-wrapped crackers (wrote to makers of my favourites and told them); stopped buying hummus in plastic cartons (now make my own), stopped Anathoth (NZ maker) products chutney, relish, jam, marmalade (now buy in glass or make own), and I use our bulk shop for heaps of stuff in my own containers, and I’m now trying to buy only artisan bread, brown-paper-bagged on the spot.
Also no more Pet Milk – see bottle with it’s plastic
wrapping taken off (I sent it back to the maker suggesting that they use a cardboard carton without ridiculous plastic wrapping. Our rescue dog now loves soymilk! And pet food is now bought mostly in tins only. I tried to buy a metal re-usable razor at the supermarket but all plastic – will keep searching. Also found a NZ address to send disposable pens to. The firm says they use the plastic to create things like park benches. Great! Hope they have a suitable inscription.
I’ve written to makers of stuff I now avoid about their plastic and the loss of at least one customer.
Have a look at Anathoth jam-makers online to see their explanation, saying that Number 5 plastic is
OK! However, NZ doesn’t have many facilities that recycle it!
May be an image of drink and indoor
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