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Graham Bathgate Fine Line Press
Graham Bathgate of Kerikeri with some of the titles he has published through his company, Fine Line Press Photo: Northern Advocate

Kerikeri publisher increases his portfolio

by Sandy Myhre, Northern Advocate, Northland, New Zealand

Published 3 February 2022

Publisher and author Graham Bathgate has recently launched a couple of books to add to the growing portfolio of books he has written and those he has published.

It is called Gushers: People and Imagined Talking, and he says it is more like ranting because they don’t mince their words. Many of those doing the gushing are based on real-life talkers. Topic examples include “The Hypochondriac”, “The Joker”, “Grumpy Old Bugger?” and “Old Rock Songs”. It was published in October last year.

Next he published What Keeps Me Going, a book of short pieces by various writers of a certain age.
“Actually, some are of an uncertain younger age too, everyone has to keep going,” he says.

Soon he will write and publish CatSpeak, the working title of a book that contains photos of cats he has had over the years, with the cats commenting on their life.

He established Fine Line Press in 2009 and is based in Kerikeri. He was a high school teacher in Masterton and a communication skills tutor at Wellington Polytechnic before going to Tokyo to teach English communication and presentation skills at the English Language Education Council in central Tokyo.

Back in New Zealand he now sells online from his website and through word-of-mouth. His books are in Unity Books Wellington, Paper Plus and the Old Packhouse Market in Kerikeri. They are also listed with various review sites such as Online Book Club.

His next project, which he has high hopes for, is a fictionalised prison diary based on real life experience called Music Behind Bars.