Mindin’ o’ The Man – Early Fotties, Sclun’ & Noo Zuld

Awfy early James and his ma. From the fotty, ah cun see James 

and I shared something afore we met 10 years efter, mair’an

being jist “only lonelies” – yeh, ye gorrit … a fung kilt! James looks

aboot five here, ah got mah kilt at nine. James’s tartan wyz efter his

middle name, mine efter mah first name – wur family names wurrnae

exactly ancient Sco’ish clans … not even thinking McBorowczyk or MacBathgate!

Aye, he’s there! This fotty o’ his first year at Waid Academy, Anstruther

(Ainster tae the locals) aboot Sept., 1960. 


Xmas, 1965 I think, in Kingskettle, Fife at Merope’s

folks’ home:  Lynda, Ewen, David, The Writer, Merope,

JayBo, Dennis (Half the man he is now!).

The Man with a pipe an’ sunglasses, ‘though ‘er

was har’ly ever onny sunshine. This is aboot 1965,

prolly summer!

Latin Class 1964: Whayzat ahint “Bubbles”? (Mr Sinclair if we

addressed him.) Lynda’s in rer if you look cannily. Fawr richt is

Barbara Young, gaun on tae a life o’ business and political service,

endin’ up as Baroness Young of Old Scone! We used tae git ra bus

frae there thegither tae the skil in Perth! 

Dinnae ken whaur ah wuz tha’ day! Sharely no’ takkin’ the fung fotty! 

My cousin, Billy, me, JayBo … in France or Switzerland (aye, mair

like) aboo’ end o’ 1960s … I think. James said, “Ahm gi’en ye a

Guinness fart!” Prolly through weel-creased Levi’s.

The team o’ freenz at a wee cairn up in ra hills o’ Killiecrankie-oh:  The Man, Ewen,

Lynda, John, Maggie, The Writer … and Ben Vrackie in ahint. Nay idea whayz is

the dug – mebbeh a heather hoon’.

See The Man? Ewen’s no’ far ahint him. See The Writer? Ocht,

it’s difficult, nay wurriz! (Perth Academy, 1965 … yeh, Sixth Form,

final year.)

Rainin’ in Edinburgh for Alan McDonald and Jen’s wedding,

May, 1972 … that’s no’ them there, it’s Ian (cannae mind his

surname) an’ ‘is wumman – he was a med. student. Claire an’ 

The Man unner the brolly, tae. Yeh, yer richt, prolly Senior Service

Plain in The Man’s richt hawn’.


Mebbe 1965 still at school: James playin’ Bob Dylan; the creator

readin’ Sherlock Holmes; Lynda relaxin’ at Killiecrankie Cottage. 


Wellington, Dec., 1978: JayBo, Writer’s dad oot frae Sc’lun,

Claire, Robbie.