Photos of James and others


“Like this, is it?”                                                                                                                                                 

“No! It’s like this, Jim.”


“OK, ah think a’ve go’it noo.”  








Edinburgh, raining, sometime around 1974. Senior Service plain probably.









At MacKinnon House Hotel, Isle of Skye, 2008

“Ah prefer beer, swap ye?”        

“A’ right, ah prefer a’thing!”

“Mahfung glessuz fung emp’y.”

“Sorry, sorry, here we go!” 

“So you want to make a phone call?”

Could be James doing his love of Scots stuff but it’s actually Yours Truely

being daft recording “Tartan Daffodils”, a spoof on Wordsworth’s poem.

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Ewen, Me, The Man and pipe, Christchurch, Feb., 2010

Rod Muir and The Man up Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh on a hazy summer day,

about mid-1980s by looks of the ladz.

“Yeh, always wanted to be Eric Clapton, man!”  

Got to be wearing Levis, eh?

Great that John Riley didn’t seem to care about me picking my nose …

He’s probably thinking: “His wedding, can do what he likes!”  July, 1988!

(James, John, Writer, Beth)

Mar.,2013, Paraparaumu for a 65th.

Tom:  Smoking’s bad for you, ye ken.

JayBo:  Aye, ken fine. You stopped, eh?


Ewen Fraser and his “ancient, trusty, drouthy crony”. (Skye, 2006)

“You got the time on yer, cock?”

                                                                           See The Man, see The Writer? Around 1965, Perth Academy.


                                                             So ah should staun’ the wye your staunnin’ ?

                                                                   Aye, feels good, eh? Whit’re ye sayin?

Aul’ school freenz, Ewen, Lynda and JayBo – Skye, 2006


                                                                    James doing great Sean Connery lookalike.

                                                                     Who on earth can that be behind Jane? 


Great “Double Take”, Brigid on camera … Beth onlooking on

Moreton Island, Nov. 2018, 8.35 p.m.


James and Tom on Moreton Island, Nov. 2018

Tom:  “Where’s yer glass, mun?” 

James:  “They’re baith fung empty!”

Thinking: “OK, whaur dah pit mah glass?”

James and Tom in younger years.











  At Wanaka, End Jan., 2023