Mindin’ o’ James – Fotties o’ The Man ‘n’ Ithers


“Yeh, aye wanted to be Eric Clapton, man!”  

They’ve gotta be Levis, eh?

Embry in the rain at Alan

and Jen’s wedding in May, 1972.

Yeh, prolly Senior Service Plain in

the richt hawn. That’s another medic

Ian Anderson and girlfriend there.




Rod Muir an’ JayBo up Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh on a hazy summer day.

Aboot the mid-1980s by looks o’ the ladz.


Braw that John Riley didnae seem to care aboo’ me pickin’ mah nose …

He’s prolly thinkin’: “His wedding, can do what he likes!”  July, 1988!

(James, John, Writer, Beth)

At MacKinnon House Hotel, Isle of Skye, 2008. “Eh? Ah’ve hud

only the yin? Gonna fung huv anuther yin the noo tho’!”

“Ah prefer beer … swap ye?”        

“A’ right, ah prefer a’thing! ‘S’long as iz fung strong!”

“Mahfung glessuz fung emp’y.”

“Sorry, sorry, here we go!” 


Ewen; The Writer; The Man and his pipe in Christchurch, Feb., 2010.

Dinnae ken how they’re lookin’ sae fung weel … maybe the fung suntans!

“So you want to make a phone call, eh?”

My 65th at Paraparaumu 242 Main Road.

Noosa for Tom’s 65th, Nov., 2013. Tom and James in

Sails Restaurant bar (we goat free drinks coz had tae wait

gey near 40 mins fur wur table!)  Sails is on the beach

at Laguna Bay.


Could be James daen his passion fur Scots stuff but it’s actually Yours Truly

being a daftie recordin’ “Tartan Daffodils”, a spoof on Wordsworth’s weel-

kent poem.

(Go to “Media and Links” for this bitto drama but ahm tellin’ ye noo,  ye’ll need tae ken

the awri-gynal an’ hae a guid hud oan the vernac’lar.) 

Mar., 2013, Paraparaumu for mah 65th.

Tom:  Smoking’s no’ guid for ye, ye no’ ken?

JayBo:  Aye, ken fine. You packed it in, huv ye?


Ewen Fraser and his “ancient, trusty, drouthy crony”. (Skye, 2006)

“You got the time on yer, cock?”  

“Eh?  Pits me in mind o’ a joke!” 


See The Man? See The Writer? Around 1965 at Perth Academy.



  About 60 years later than the school photty.  “So ah should staun’ the wye yer staunnin’, eh ?”


  Aye, feels good, eh? Whit’re ye sayin?

Aul’ school freenz, Ewen, Lynda and JayBo – Skye, 2006



   James doing great Sean Connery lookalike.


  Who on earth can that be behind Jane? She’s reading a book I gave her, “Whisper of the Land, Visions of Japan”, a country she loves.

Great “Double Take”, Brigid on camera … Beth onlooking, on

Moreton Island, on Nov. 8th, 2018 … on … at 8.35 p.m.


James and Tom on Moreton Island, Nov. 2018

Tom:  “Where is your glass, my good fellow?” 

James:  “They’re baith fung emp’y!”


Aye, ah aye stawn like this, a’ mah fung

life! Iz natural fur me.

“OK, whaur dah pit mah fung gless?”

James and Tom in younger years at some function or other.












  At Wanaka, End Jan., 2023 … gey near the end.