Present Perfect

Secrets of Speaking Success

Are you going to make a speech presentation?  Do you want one-to-one practice and help?

You can receive coaching from a skilled tutor, your audience of one, offering you constructive suggestions. In this way you can improve your presentation easily. You should have the main points on cards ready to rehearse and receive advice.

Perfecting and Polishing

Almost ready …

The following areas may be discussed as you perfect your work:

  • Your audience
  • The goals
  • Organising presentation
  • Introducing attractively
  • Concluding memorably
  • Vocal power
  • Style
  • Reaching out
  • Language use
  • Using the non-verbal
  • Relaxing with humour
  • Visual aids

Improve and Learn by Doing

You will improve! This is a simple way to help you improve your presentation. You probably practise by yourself but you should also have contact with an audience before the main event.

You just do it! Performing your presentation for a supportive and skilled advisor, someone giving advice in an hour on two occasions, will improve your talk, give you more confidence and bring you greater success.

Perfect nature, elegant structure

Main Points

  • Audience of only one
  • Feel relaxed, able to make changes
  • Only 2 hours needed in minimum of two sessions
  • Improvement and more confidence guaranteed
  • Enjoyable, at ease, working together


Presenting a perfect speech is challenging. Watch this video to see if you can spot points for improvement.

My Experience


I have long experience in helping people to improve their communication skills, especially in presentations. I have been a high school teacher, a Wellington Polytechnic tutor, and a drama teacher. I have conducted presentation skills courses at international companies in Tokyo, often working one-to-one.

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“Many thanks for your Presentation training. I got the job! Your help was like the sun shining on my back after being caught in the rain. I was impressed with your critique, balanced with positive reinforcement. Two brief sessions was enough to add dynamism to my presentation-based interview, which secured me my new job.”
Guy Burns, Paraparaumu