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• Aoyama Cemetery For Site (Mar.2024) in Word 

Daft Dancing:
1. A Fan of this Great Song

2. Another Song for Crazy Dancing:

3.  Sea Cruise by Frankie Ford:  Working on the moves for this!

Original (Very) Singing and Recitation

•  The Time Has Come (With some subtle changes)

• Thengs (Scots version)

•  You Are My Sunshine

• Blue Suede Shoes – recitation of course!

• Great joke! Back Passage … say no more! 

• Wand’rin’ Star

• The Braes / Battle o’ Killiecrankie-o

• Twal’ Scottish Days o’ Christmas (Very Scottish!)

• Mindin’ o’ The Man – Introduction

• Scottishisms (Not translated!) 

• Jesus Loves Me!  (Jings!)

• The Last Time – Spoken

• Sir Patrick Spens, great Scots ballad

• A Wee Scottish Tale … very short!

• Short spelling joke (Womb) … less than a minute:

• No’ Awa’ Tae Bide Awa'(Mercifully only three versions):

•  “Little Sister” – Recited … leaving the singing to Elvis!

• With Wordy Apologies to The Bee Gees from “Gee Bee”

• Memories of my old digger mate, James long ago in rural Perthshire, Scotland … some hijinks!

• Happy Burrdy 2022 (Apologies to the original Happy Birthday song)

Get It Doon Ya (Apologies to Leonard Cohen)

• Ging Oan! (Spoof by Gruddy Bathgate on “Rave On” – profound apologies to the great Buddy Holly.) Scots lyrics here: Ging Oan!  Brace yourself!

•Al Capone Joke told in seconds by G.Bathgate

• To a Mouse (Couple of verses in English, too) told by Grim Burnsgate

• Again in case you didnae like the first.

• A Red Red Rose recited by Grim Burnsgate

Marie’s Wedding sung (Sort of) in celebration by Yours Truly!            

• The Lake Isle of Innisfree by WB Yeats

• Leisure by WH Davies