Whisper of the Land (Visions of Japan)

Whisper of the Land
Visions of Japan


Whisper of the LandThe story of Edward Levinson’s life in Japan covering more than 30 years, this memoir beautifully describes his life experiences and spiritual growth inside and outside his natural style garden in Japan. This is a truly lyrical addition to the Fine Line Press catalogue.


Whisper of the Land, by Edward Levinson
ISBN: 978-0-473-30575-8
Published 2014
Paperback, stitched binding.
Original black/white artwork
Size: 21 cms high by 14.9 cms wide
Pages: 184



… I will always be a traveler, on the way to somewhere. Writing this book was a journey. Looking back over my life while continuing to go forward allowed me to do a little time travel. As I contemplated my past there were nostalgic moments but more than that, it was an experience of growing …

… I fell in love easily. An old, but grand Japanese farmhouse, half hidden, yet half open to the surrounding country landscape, flirted with my soul. I knew I wanted it the first time I saw it. I was smitten and jealous. Friends were living there fixing it up, and had started a garden as well. This was exactly what I had been looking for: a new home in the countryside. I had seen the image several times in my mind. Now, here it was for real. “If you ever move out, I want this house,” I emphatically told them, as I helped pull weeds and rake the cut grass. It was the end of 1987 and I was ready for a change …

… My garden is the center of my universe. I spend a lot of time in it. Even when I am in the house, some part of the garden is viewed from each of the many windows. My spiritual garden, however, is symbolically as wide as I dare to wander. The garden in the heart is not just a bridge, but a revolving door connecting the inner and outer lives… My garden is connected to all the places I visit, the people I share with: the homes of the Belarusian children near Chernobyl, the Auschwitz concentration camps in Poland, the churches of Assisi, synagogues of Budapest, rooftops in Tokyo, the back streets and footpaths of Kyoto, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Parks, to name a few.

Edward Levinson

Edward Levinson in his garden near Tokyo.


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