Ribbons of Fate and Other Tales of Japan  |   Buy Now
by Matt Comeskey

Ribbons of FateThis is a collection of sometimes quirky, often resonant tales from one EnZedder's three-year stint in Japan.

Stories include death on a first date; a one-armed gangster; exploding haemorrhoids; a lively lunch (in more ways than one), and many other delightful cross-cultural hiccups.

Some of the titles in Ribbons of Fate:
The Yamasaku Inn, Golden Week, The Cockroach, The Atomic Dome, The Love Hotel, Typhoons, The Speech Contest

Matt is now writing more stories for the collection, as well as holding down his job as an educational publisher in Wellington, NZ and helping his wife Junko to bring up their young son, Yoshiki.

Reviewed in the Dominion Post, 14 July 2011:

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